Rapid Creek Cidery’s menu is focused on simple food that reflects our interest in produce grown with care, animals treated with respect, and a well-curated pantry. We hope our cooking shows the restraint great ingredients deserve and the effort we put into time-tested technique.

Rapid Creek Cidery’s menu items will come and go with the seasons (and our whim) but we’ll update the full menu here as it evolves.

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Apps & Sides: Serves 1-2 people

Guacamole with Fresh Fried Chips / $7

Cajun Boudin Balls with Cane Syrup Mayo / $9

Spaetzle with Braised Cabbage, Mushrooms, and Sweet Corn Butter / $10

Duck Fat Roasted Gold Potatoes / $7

Creamy Blue Cheese Roasted Cauliflower / $12

Kale Caesar / $9

Butternut Puree with Pecans and Maple / $10

Creamy Slaw / $5

Sandwiches: All sandwiches come with fries.

Korean Pork Belly Biscuit with Kimchi / $10

Lamb BBQ with House Pickles and Slaw / $14

RCC Cheeseburger / $13

BBQ Tofu with House Pickles and Slaw / $10

Fried Trout with Dill Mayo and House Pickles / $14


Turkish Beef Kabob with Couscous, Pickled Green Tomatoes, and Yogurt / $25

Buttermilk Fried Quail with Spicy Cane Syrup, Slaw, and Biscuits / $23

Honey Glazed Half Duck with Duck Fat Potatoes / $25

Tofu Shakshouka with Couscous / $18

Grilled Pork Schnitzel with Polenta, Mushrooms, and Pork Belly / $24

Shrimp Gumbo with Rice / $15